BDM's Insights After the Second day NAB 2018 • BDM


BDM’s Insights After the Second day NAB 2018

In the news11.04.2018
  • April 9, 2018
  • NAB 2018 Stand: C8527, Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada

BDM’s Insights After the Second day NAB 2018

Today was our second day at NAB 2018 with Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, Raphaël Dehousse and myself.

Key takeaway of the day:

Metadata is a general problem for content providers – there is metadata missing and the quality of the metadata is low and the use cases for the metadata are also not well identified – how to use this metadata?

We answer these questions by extracting metadata from the content – topics (e.g. politics, soccer, conflict, etc.) and entities (e.g. places, organisations, people, etc.) – with clear use cases such as metrics on the content, classification, search engines, better understanding of the user interests and recommendations for both the content and the users (also know as content-based filtering and collaborative filtering)