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BDM Highlight Content Consumption Insights at the NABshow of 2019

In the news10.04.2019
  • April 8, 2019
  • Las Vegas Convention Centre Booth C8627 (Belgium Pavilion)

Know exactly how your audience is consuming your content?

Acting on detailed knowledge on the gaps you have in your content catalogue?

Taking control of content delivery relevance on your OTT platforms?


BDM Reco is present at the NABshow 2019 – where we are showcasing how we help broadcasters and publishers taking back control of their data. BDM helps by both providing complementary insights in dashboards and action levers through algorithmic personalisation tools.

Day 2 – Our Second Highlight during the NABshow 2019

In the era of digital OTT platforms other performance metrics are required to measure content consumption than in the linear context of broadcasters. Nowadays typically statistics are used to measure the ‘clicks’ or ‘views’. However, if you want to know details and have insights about the consumption behavior, you need more data and link consumption behavior to the content as such. That’s where BDM can help you. BDM has developed dashboards and algorithms to help you understand, in detail, how the format (e.g. duration) and the type of content (e.g. news, sports, …) is impacting the uptake of your content. Having detailed insights, on top of existing performance data, you will be able to control the consumption churn, while maximizing revenues. On top, we are able to provide 100% individualized content recommendations to your users so that uncontrolled churn is a thing of the past.

Want to learn more?

Visit us during the NABshow at booth C8627

Below you can download a teaser of content consumption insight graphs we can make.


A Teaser of Possible Content Consumption Insights We Can Deliver png - 687.35 KB
A Teaser of Possible Content Performance Insights We Can Deliver png - 189.39 KB