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BDMs vision is to reinvent how media content providers interact with their audience and content


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Reason of Existence

Personalisation and Content Discovery are nowadays a basic functionalities that help increasing the fraction of content consumed on online sites of media content providers.

To improve content effectiveness and engagement and address unmet user desires, Media Content Providers have to understand the content gaps of their media catalogue.

A centralised body of knowledge and know-how on personalisation and content discovery is scalable and has a much better learning curve than decentralized teams engineering something similar. This helps to effectively evolve and support the product.

Recommender components must be engineered and configurable to achieve its full purpose and must be designed to treat large amounts of data.

The value of a recommender is much higher if it is able to recommend multi-object content, track consumption and behavior across websites, apps and players and provide real-time insights to improve engagement.

Media companies with more than 1 online site, Brand, Player and App  increase their ROI and effectiveness by using a centralised personalisation and content discovery engine.


Reason of Existence

Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 2016
  • Treated more than 1 Million of Media Content Data
  • Daily able to treat more than 500 new Media Contents
  • Able to serve more than 50 000 of Concurrent Users
  • RTBF, a key Belgian Public Broadcaster is one of our Customers

Our Ambition

We will always provide the best solution fitting the needs of our customers by using the latest technologies in order to leverage your digital assets.

Our Partners

THEOplayer is a video playback solution with the purpose of facilitating the perfect video experience on any platform or device. On top of this, we provide services to these customers such as integration and solution architecture support and advisory around key parts of online video streaming infrastructures

Find out more at www.theoplayer.com

02Our expertise

Why Us?

BDM combines specific knowledge, know-how and skills:

  • Broadcast and Digital Technology Expertise
  • Product design and development of mass data analysis solutions

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