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Basic RecommendationFull RecommendationClassification+Basic ClassificationUser Insights
BDM ModulesAutomated Metadata Generation for any content

Real Time Content & User Recommendation
Automated Metadata Generation for any content

Real Time Content & User Recommendation

User Behavior Tracking
Automated Metadata Generation for any content

User Behavior Tracking
Automated Metadata Generation for any contentUser Behavior Tracking
Video, Audio and Text Classification
Accurate and Homogenecus Classification
Real Time Classification
Automated Classifcation
Multi language Classification
Sequencing enabled Classification
Multi topic content Classification
Content Understanding
User retention
Maximise content consumption
User Experience
Real Time Recommendation
Latest Algorithms
Business Rules
Multi Content Recommendation
Muti Site Recommendation
Context dependant Recommendation
Clip recommendation
Recommendation Performance Metrics
Predict User Reach
Content gap insights
Target Advertising
Content Creation / Selection Assist
User consumption and behavior understanding
Key BenefitsContent RecommendationGrow Your Engagement, Reach and Editorial EffectivenessFind and Describe Fast your Content
Increase your User Reach and Editorial Effectiveness
Find and Describe Fast your ContentTrack Your User Consumption and Behavior
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01More Features

Each Module contains

  • Insights and metrics Dashboards
  • Configuration support
  • POC support
  • Integration and Go Live Support
  • Post Release Support
  • Product evolutions

02Frequently asked questions

Commercial FAQ

  • We work with a fixed license fee per month and a variable fee.
  • The fixed price depends on Product Modules Chosen.
  • The variable price depends on the number of Concurrent Users and Volume of Content treated.
  • No, it is one price for all your online sites, players, apps etc.
  • Our solution can be hosted on your infrastructure (on premise) or on a cloud infrastructure.
  • The detailed Insights and Metrics you can obtain will depend on the selected modules and on your current solutions.
  • The visualisation of the insights can be done via a BDM visualisation tool or your preferred data visualisation tool.
  • No, we integrate with your Data Management Platform

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