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BDM delivers value for both content providers and their users

Discover BDM’s Benefits

Increase user reach and effectiveness through editorial assistance and general content strategy support

The BDM Benefits for Content Providers

  • Effortless and detailed classification of any content
  • View on topics not covered for unmet user desires
  • Predict and improve user reach for your content
  • Reduced user churn by improved contextualised and user specific Ads
  • Get insights on content, user consumption & behavior and recommendation quality

How Does it Work?

All your content can be automatically classified, reducing the burden of manual classification or the need to buy in external classification services and increasing the speed to find content fast.

Enriched with user consumption and behavior insights you get improved understanding on what topics you should focus your content creation or delivery for which useer segment.

In the day to day work of editing new content – your ‘to be published’ content can be transcribed by our metadata module. You instantly get insights in the predicted user reach and you get recommended content and topics to include to improve the user reach.

The detailed classification of audio and video content linked with user consumption and behavior tracking enables you to improve the real time positioning of advertising as both the context of the content as the user behavior can be taken into account.

What makes us unique?

  • Any content can be classified : Text, Video, Audio
  • Detailed view on content gaps and unmet user desires
  • Contextualised and user specific Ad placement mid-roll
  • Real Time editorial support provides valuable insights when you are editing your content.
  • Multi Language

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